Getting best ranking from Google and Bing

Listed below are a few Tips and Tricks to getting you business better known on the web!!
Some people ask me why I would ever give away my tips and tricks when I make a living at website development.
Because, for the most part, people may be able to do this on their own. But when they figure out how much work is involved, they might remember that I’m the one that told them, and they may hire me.

I'm Chad Sanders with 25 years in website design, 30 Years in Computer Technology.
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So here are a few things that I have tested on hundreds of sites and these things work! If you have any questions about anything that I have listed feel free to call me.
To get ranked in the search engines you must, at minimum, do these things, and remember that we take care of this for you!! (I wrote this so forgive me if it goes astray)

  1. WEBSITE UPDATES - Update your website at least monthly (Minimum) We create automated systems to do this within 3 tiers (1 Saturday per month, Every other Saturday, and Every Saturday)
  2. EXTERNAL LINKS - Link to your website from 50+ other websites in the area (Minimum) we do this as we host hundreds in the area on our own servers! We do not use third parties hosting services.
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA - Create and update on the daily, a Facebook page for your business and link to your website and to the Facebook page.
  4. LANDING PAGE - Make certain that the first page as everything in detail that your business does. Many companies make the “landing page” a welcome page only. This is what Wix, Godaddy, and WordPress push and this is horrible. We know a thing or two because we’ve tested a thing or two!!!!  
  5. YELP - Create a YELP page and be sure to have your friends, customers, and family members review it. So that you have 5 stars. Google spiders recognize other search engines and review your ratings to aid in their own rankings.
  6. STUDY THE ALGORITHM - Google and Yelp both accept words to help their algorithm in your placement on the page.
    Here’s how it works…
    If you get a 1 star, then you get a 5 star, you have 2 reviews right?
    This means that your average is 3…
    But Google has changed this. The more words you have the more weight that review has. So a paragraph on the 1 star review and nothing stated on the 5 star review can make your 2 reviews average 1.5 so be sure to get your customers to write something about you.  
    As far as we can tell, the search spiders aren’t reading what you say as much as they are counting words. 

    If you think you are going to make a bunch of dummy accounts and give yourself 5 stars, think again. Google now bans accounts that have posted multiple reviews to a company using the same IP address. So you might try this, but you will need to do it from different locations each time.  
  7. SEARCH ENGINE CHANGES - Pay attention, every 60 days (We do this weekly), to what changes Bing and Google are making in the search routines. They mix it up to keep people from creating BOTS to auto process websites. This is why Godaddy, Wix, and WordPress fail so badly. WordPress CSM’s can make a pretty site, but they are slow and cause people to hit the back button too often.
  8. ENCRYPTION - Make your site SSL or you will notice the http:// in the URL is https:// the S mean secure or encrypted. This is now required by major search engines, especially if you plan on outranking the competition. We do this for free, as part of the monthly maintenance on your site.
  9. CUSTOM CODE - Custom Code. This is important so that you are not flagged as a “cookie cutter” website.
    Cookie cutters are known sites that weren’t important enough to put real effort into and therefore rank low no matter how hard you try. 

    This became self-evident in the beginning 2020 – Think about it. If you were a search engine, would you not rank someone higher that has worked harder on their site, update it weekly, have hundreds of links to them in the area, have multiple 5 star reviews from local customers, and are popular on Facebook business pages? 

    Sure you would rank them higher and push the guy that built his company site with a free site designer, 2 years ago and never updates it, down the page. It’s only fair.  
  10. DOMAIN NAMES - Small domain names tend to rank higher. Why they did this, we have no idea. It's hard enough to find a name that matches your company, much less to do it in 10 characters or less! People are buying up domain names and reselling them like real estate.
  11. OLD SCRIPT TECHNOLOGY - No FLASH meaning FLA content. JS or JavaScript is fine but try to build your site with custom .css files and don’t use <style> within the html or php pages unless absolutely necessary. Never using open <script> within your documents. Make sure that the JS files are loaded at the end of your pages. 
  12. PHP PREFERRED - All pages are stored in a PHP and PHP Friendly styles. Steering away from letting files end in “.htm” or “.html” This increases security on your pages as well as allowing you to build in custom code and content.
  13. TIME - All in All you will need to devote about 4 hours per day on content layout and the other 4 hours on adding your site to search engines. Don’t just work on google but google other search engines and make sure that you add your website to theirs as well. This will add much needed links to your site. Remember google ranks you up with more links to your site from elsewhere.

Are you tired yet? Why not simply let us handle the frustration of building and maintaining a business website and aside from making it pop, we will rank it up as well!!!
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